DP Ruto’s die-hard, Senator Millicent Omanga found herself on the receiving end of ruthless netizens, after she sarcastically disagreed with CS Balala’s appointment of renowned supermodel Naomi Campbell as the Magical Kenya international Brand Ambassador. She went ahead to describe the supermodel as tired and has lost her mojo.

In her tweet, Ms. Omanga insinuated that CS Balala should have appointed the likes of Lupita Nyong’o to market Kenya as a tourism and travel destination.

However, Kenyans on Twitter were not impressed with her choice of words, some saying that it was so low of a leader in her position to make such a statement.

The visibly angry citizenry was quick to school her on matters of marketing a nation to the world. They noted that Kenya’s key source markets are UK, Italy and Germany where Naomi is well known and influential in social and fashion circles.

To others, she seemed to have opened a can of worms as they were all over her big body which cannot compare with Naomi’s who is hugely popular for her bold and beautiful looks and envied hourglass figure.

Here are more comments;

Naomi Campbell is the right woman for the ambassadorial position as far as tourism is concerned. Her love for the country is paraded all over. Lupita Nyong’o doesn’t remember her Kenyan roots unless it fits a specific narrative. Probably next time she’ll visit Kenya is for a funeral.

Check Instagram and Twitter, Naomi has more followers making her a more stronger influencer and again she is doing it at no cost. Sometimes research helps before a state officer like Millie yaps.

We sent you to Russia as a hippopotamus ambassador and no single Russian has visited Kenya to see our hippos.

The first black model on British, French, and American Vogue is a ‘tired’ model in your estimation? Show us your resume.

But Senator, why do you like making a fool of yourself so much, the things @NaomiCampbell has done for this country from the early 90s you can not even start imagining. She visits Kenya more often than any celeb you know, she is a big Employer also. Just Google something’s

Your kimbelembele to find fault in everything OUR GOVERNMENT does will be your ruin. You r a paid People’s representative-What part of this don’t you understand? Solutions Mama,not pang’ang’a!UDA/TangaTanga will keep losing votes with every one of your careless tweets.Fitina Mbaaya!

It’s unfortunate to insult another black woman and calling her “a tired model” just because our Lupita was not picked for this role. She did not pick herself but @tunajibu did. This is cheap politics and horrible.

You’re not worthy to unloose Naomi Campbell’s shoelaces. You can’t even sell Kenya as a tourist destination. Pls, keep selling Tanga Tanga. @richardbranson sells #MagicalKenya than you & hustlers combined. We, in the industry, want the best from the WORLD to help us, not tribalists.

This is the reason why women rarely prosper in Africa. A stupid old woman calling another woman a tired model who has lost her mojo when herself is obese. please…attack her character it will be okay..no wonder this thing of women for women doesn’t work..shame on you Feminism

You with your big buttocks have never worked for anything in this country. Always waiting for nominations. I will also remind you to respect the President.

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