Despite deputy president William Ruto and his boss Uhuru Kenyatta’s fallout, one thing that the DP has always made sure to maintain is the narrative that he and Uhuru were better than their NASA competitors.

However, over the weekend, in a shocking admission, Ruto, for the first time ever, came out to clearly and expressly say that the Jubilee pair was not the best choice and that they were not elected on the basis of merit.

Speaking during a church service in Gatanga constituency, Murang’a County, the deputy president began by thanking the congregants who had gathered in the Church. He said he was grateful to them for their support during the elections and then went ahead to also recognize God’s role. He then said the totally unexpected statement next.

He said that it wasn’t because he and the president were better than the rest, that got them elected. He added that the only reason they were elected was because of the faith that the voters had in them, and the favor that they enjoyed in God’s eyes.

It will be remembered that the last time the president was in Central Kenya for political activity, it was on his Sagana tour where he launched a scathing attack on the deputy president, wondering why he was boasting of government development projects yet he was always on top of a car, campaigning.

Since then, there’s been a marked change in the deputy president’s approach, with him becoming more pointed in his attack on the government, and criticizing it for over-borrowing, and failure of implementation of the big four.

The DP’s visit to Murang’a is also marked by quite clear circumstances that make it unique for different reasons.

Since he was last there, there has been a mood on the ground towards the President after the finalization of the Kenol-Sagana-Marua road which has resulted in development in the area, a factor that has helped sway public opinion in favor of the government, this evidenced by the vote in the Murang’a County Assembly which passed the BBI.

Also, his return to Murang’a bares memories of his visit that resulted in chaos and the deaths of two young men.

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