Kenyans want reforms, Kenyans want peace and inclusivity and Kenyans want resources in their hands and to have opportunities that will enable their businesses to grow sustainably.

All this is contained in the proposed changes in the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill that we recently witnessed got an overwhelming approval from a majority of the County Assemblies in the country; forty three to be specific. With the initial public participation and a final debate at the County Assemblies, Kenyans are in full knowledge of the content in the Building Bridges Initiative which is arguably geared to benefit the country immensely.

However, out of spite and greed for power, Ruto has clearly shown that he wants no good for the country and along with him has dragged his Kalenjin community creating an isolated people who feel quite entitled when it comes to leadership.

It is no secret that all other Counties in the country have voted for the Building Bridges Initiative with three Kalenjin Counties voting against it including Elgeyo Marakwet, Baringo and Nandi. Unlike the others that have voted in a big yes, they have detested the contents of the document just because they have seen that it will not propel William Ruto to presidency.

Having been at the helm of leadership for the past twenty four years the community led by the DP is yearning for more power not factoring in that there are over 44 tribes in the country and there must be the element of inclusivity in all tiers of leadership giving other communities a chance to lead as well.

This is an ultimate betrayal from a community that has shunned the rest of the country even to the North and remained adamant with their wheelbarrow fanatics which in real sense is deception to many low income Kenyans who are sourcing for better opportunities to make a decent living for themselves.

The Deputy President claimed that the GEMA nation was for him, but no County Assembly from the Mt Kenya region opposed the Building Bridges Initiative despite the numerous meetings, the political jibes thrown against the BBI and money bags that were dished out to the Members of County Assemblies.

All eight County Assemblies endorsed the Bill. MCAs in their own reasoning wondered why they should deny Kenyans the much-needed resources to trickle down to the grass root level? Should the country retrogress or progress? Even Bomet a pro-Ruto county saw sense and endorsed the Bill.

The rest of Kenya cannot be stopped by one community that wants to promote tribal politics and anchor itself on the ‘mtu wetu’ talk. From the Coast to the Northern side, the East to the West, the country is speaking in one voice and that is the BBI that translates to inclusivity, greater opportunity for businesses, peace and stability among other key issues and challenges Kenyans face.

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