Doublespeak is the complete opposite of plain and simple truth. It distorts words and phrases, often in order to conceal the truth. Doublespeak is communicating in a way that misrepresents or obscures the truth. It combines both sense and nonsense in a deliberate effort on the part of the message sender to conceal the true meaning of what is being said

DP William Ruto has been severally described as a master of doublespeak in matters corruption, Handshake, and recently BBI Bill. A youthful MP Hon Babu Owino likened Ruto’s doublespeak to a dual sim phone, where you can pick the network of preference depending on the strength of the signal or charges.

Like former US President Trump who can’t do a sentence without declaring something “unbelievable” or pleading “believe me.”, Ruto consistently declares “Kenya is short of fools”, while on the otherwise tries making fools out of Kenyans.

Strange choices of words for a man who truly cannot be believed as being serious, thoughtful, informed, consistent, or competent. He even mislabels some of his strangest comments as being “sarcasm” when it is an incompetent satire that is a covert disguise of his hidden, frequently bizarre beliefs

Constitutional changes are expected, with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga pushing for the introduction of a parliamentary system of government. But Deputy President William Ruto has come out guns blazing, insisting that the report must be subjected to national debate before any changes.

Records in the Hansard show that in 2010, Deputy President William Ruto called for the adoption of a parliamentary system of government.

According to him at that time, the system would encourage transparency and accountability, adding that the president should be ceremonial.

“I am very comfortable with a Parliamentary System that has clear checks and balances in the way that it is supposed to be, that we have a Prime Minister who is the Head of Government. We should also have a ceremonial President.

“The Head of Government nominates his Cabinet from Parliament and if he does not do a good job, Parliament passes a vote of no-confidence and he is changed and we move on,” he had said.

However, the DP has since changed his mind and has been accusing Mr. Odinga of plotting to subject Kenyans to a parliamentary system of government.

Whenever Ruto is castigating the BBI, he often refers to its proponents (Kenyatta and Odinga) with the pronoun “they”.

“They are telling us that BBI will improve the lives of Kenyans when we know that it is aimed at creating positions for them,” he said during one of his hustler nation empowerment programs recently.

Recently while in Uthiru President Uhuru questioned why leaders are double speaking on matter development yet they are firmly in government.

“… for a leader to keep employing doublespeak whenever he is addressing Kenyans… on one hand he is saying the government has failed and on the other hand he is saying we as a government has done this and that development,” the president said.

“That is doublespeak, you can’t be speaking of the failures of a government where you serve while at the same time outlining what you refer to as we have achieved as a government. You better resign,” Kenyatta continued.

Uhuru told Mt Kenya region that Ruto does not love them claiming that the DP lies to the region and asks people to abuse each other.

He further asked the region to wake up and be cautious of being lied to and turned against each other.

After over 42 counties endorsed the BBI Bill in what was a major win for President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner Raila Odinga, some Tanga Tanga leaders claimed BBI was not a priority as their focus was still on the hustler nation.

As a leader, you risk losing supporters if you don’t provide leadership. Deputy President Willaim Ruto has to either lead the opposition against the BBI, fully back the process, or be a fence sitter.

To survive politically, he has to make a painful decision and lead a campaign against BBI. Although he will be accused of disrespect to the president, he will show his supporters direction and know who is on his side.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua said Tanga Tanga politicians are in a dilemma on whether to support or oppose the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Bill and are fence-sitting.

In a statement shared on his Twitter page on Thursday, February 25, the Maendeleo Chap Chap (MCC) party leader claimed the team associated with Deputy President William Ruto won’t come out publicly to oppose the bill but may do so through proxies. “They (Tanga Tanga) are fence-sitting, I believe they will not come out to oppose BBI. They will do what they have been doing in by-elections, which is to get another team out there, maybe Linda Katiba, and fund it,” Mutua said.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has also called out Deputy President Ruto over doublespeak. While in Narok, Raila noted that Ruto was a culprit double-speak, accusing him of ambiguity in his messaging. He wondered why the DP wants to take credit for projects initiated by the state while at the same time deride its ‘priorities.’

“You keep saying the government has done this and this when you visit places like Narok, yet in other places, you oppose the same government. That is doublespeak.” Raila told a rally in Narok town.

“When he goes to the grassroots, he wants to give the impression that he is a poor man or a hustler. When he is in other areas, he is the number one farmer or businessman. Business which no one knows about,” Raila stated.

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