Matungu, Kabuchai and London Wards were strategically zoned and zoned by the TangaTanga wing of politicians to ensure that chaos erupts and violence ensues. And who knows what else they had strategized to accomplish through violence and lay blame on other leaders and other individuals and then place themselves as victims of their own violence?

Several legislators assembled in the various wards in the name of agents, yet, they had ill-intentions in the elections that so far witnessed violence in a number of wards. The politicians unashamedly engaged in voter bribery as they were found with several hounds of money with some having been already dished out. Intentionally seeking attention, the legislators were inciting an altercation with the police and other parties before they were swiftly arrested and whisked away to the police station. This was in Kabuchai and the TangaTanga legislators involved were the likes of Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa, his counterpart Nelson Koech and Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei.

In another ward in Kisii County, a candidate was ready with Sh1.8 million; ready to dish out to voters. Moses Nyandusi Nyakerema were together on a mission with gold racketeer Don Bosco Gichana. The main intent was to ensue violence occurs dishing out money to voters

A similar script was witnessed in Nakuru’s London ward. The Tanga Tanga allied MP Nixon Korir began with talks of incitement and making of fictitious accusations in the manner in which the voting exercise was being conducted. The chaos that erupted was immediately quelched by the police with the MP being chased out of the polling station.

Kenyans must keenly scrutinize the behaviours of TangaTanga as a majority are only after the money and not the interests of Kenyans. For them it is about claiming that they were rigged out of the elections under the pretext violence as scripted as it is for their master DP Ruto in the 2022 General elections.

As for the London ward, victory premised on violence is no victory at all.

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