Dramatic scenes are playing out in Tononoka Children’s Court, after a young Kenyan woman who thought she was the one pulling the strings got the shock of her life after realizing that actually, she was the one being used by her old white boyfriend for money.

In an earlier ruling, the children’s Court gave custody of the child to a British man who now intends to register the child as a Northern Ireland citizen, but the young mother has appealed this, saying the only reason his ex-lover wants to register the child as a Briton is so as to increase the allocations he gets from his government.

The High Court refused to give her custody after the Children’s Court placed him under the care of his father, a senior ex-detective with Scotland Yard. The woman is involved in a lawsuit with her 67-year-old ex-lover over custody of her son.

She said the Tononoka Children Court judge had stripped her of custody of his son for 40 days, but he is still silent. She said she feared the child could be harmed in his father’s care because he had asked her to terminate the pregnancy and her son had previously injured him.

In her appeal, she wants Justice Ongi’injo to give instructions to have her get custody of the child who is now with her father. Through attorney Geoffrey Were, she also wants her arrest and detention to be stopped for 21 days for contempt of court. On her appeal, she challenged Resident Magistrate LK Sindani of Tononoka Children’s Court’s decision to allow the father to take her son away for 40 days.

“The judge was legally and factually wrong when he ordered the petitioner to separate from the custody of her minor, but as the birth mother she was best placed to take custody of her minor,” said Were.

Sindani had transferred custody of the child to his father for 40 days on December 16, 2020, until the custody case was mentioned in front of him on January 25, 2021.

Sindani had also ordered that the mother be detained in civil prison for 21 days for disobeying the court after failing to heed instructions instructing that she allows her ex-lover to see his son.

“Our son’s registration is only intended to benefit the defendant, who is now retired and is therefore well paid by the UK government through our son,” said the mother.

However, the British father denied the claims, saying the child’s mum held the child to continue to claim child support from him

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