The success of a project is dependent on its leader and zeal for implementation and in this case it is a matter of development projects that have boosted economic growth and enhanced sustainability and is the essence of country’s leveraging on capital to boost and develop mega projects that not only have short-term immediate benefits to the people, but are also beneficial on a long term basis, enhancing transportation and boosting other forms of infrastructure. With the availability of global lending facilities for countries development loans have become crucial in improving standards of living, increasing accessibility and mobility as well as connecting cities and regions.

With already Sh200 billion allocated for the 2020-2021 expenditure plans, President Uhuru Kenyatta is keen on ensuring key road projects are completed to ensure interconnectivity and accessibility through transport. Akin to this is the fact tat Kenyans are experiencing the difference on the roads and acknowledging how transportation has drastically improved through the various road networks throughout the country. These projects have covered highways and local roads and is improving access across the country even in informal settlements where currently 43.kkm roads is nearing completion in eleven informal settlements and is part of a Sh5.8 billion upgrade of 408km of access roads across informal settlements in Nairobi.

Mega projects are set to cover roads, railways and other infrastructure and among roads earmarked for construction in the allocation is the Isiolo-Mandera road which is part of a World Bank funded Horn of Africa Gateway Development Project. Coming closer to the Central region of Kenya, the government expects to complete the 649 km Mau Mau Road and the 84km –Sagana-Marua road. Further down south the Coastline Transnational Highway also known as the Malindi-Bagamoyo Highway will connect Malindi and Mombasa through to Tanzania and is set to be financed by the African Development Bank alongside the Kenyan and Tanzanian government at 70% and 30% funding respectively.

Alongside these projects the country has witnessed and experienced the benefits of increased connectivity in the country with these mentioned being a fraction of the projects that are being undertaken by the government with a focus on achieving the set goals and objectives as the country forges forward towards becoming a middle income economy.

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