The buck stopped at Deputy President William Ruto or so that was the never ending supposed thought. But alas the tables of urned and apart from the already existing loot from the likes of Waluke, Kihika and Murkomen, things are not all rosy for they have been exposed in several exposes that have confirmed how public money has been siphoned and directed to their pockets in well schemed and fueled scandals.

For Ruto, it was an elaborate plan that he has been using to fuel his campaign, buy and manufacture goons, fund his so-called foot soldiers and make payments for the unmentioned lot to do the ‘dirty’ work, some of whom have consumed the likes of Kenei. Jacob Juma among others, but that is besides the point. This time round the Civil Society seems to have seen the light on who Ruto really is, they have seen the light on his corrupt nature and how his expends public money that goes directly to his already fat pockets. This man Ruto has never been worn out of pocketing taxpayers money. If there was a word that could be likened to a kleptomaniac it would probably be coined as Kleprutomaniac but for this one it would be one who has an addiction for the big bucks including anything land and anything that spells billions no matter what the cost.

Discovered now to be a Saint of the devil, the Civil Society has realized that they have been backing a man who goes against their statutes as a society. Renowned joiurnalist John Allan Nyamu who for years was known for his success and in-depth and truthful investigative stories is now a part of the Civil society under Africa Uncensored but be it as it may his journalistic instinct and quest for the truth exposed Ruto’s anomaly to a Civil Society that had once been veiled by Ruto to believe that he was fighting for the rights of the ‘Wanjiku’ but it was all about his political ambitions that were centred on power, dictatorship and control.

Over the past Namu has revealed how DP Ruto and his office holders have strategically been involved in similar contracts for not one or two or three contracts but eight consecutive years. This is unethical and illegal in the issuing of tenders and contracts as it clearly displays biasness. This, the Civil Society has failed to justify and is now beginning to see the truth on Ruto’s corrupt nature of grand theft. More so to this is the fact that his allies have been in and out of court over corruption allegations involving billions.

The Arror and Kimwarer dams construction was one lucrative project that Ruto felt he had hit the jackpot as it was an opportunity to hit his own without trace. Well placed, besides the ‘mere’ billions stolen as downplayed by Ruto, the former Cabinet Secretary made a payment of insurance at 17.5% rate instead of 1.5% inflated 17 timees more from the actual payment with his master shielding him on several occasions from the Sh21 billion scandal. Further information also revealed that Ruto had specific individuals in companies that were well place to ‘oil his pipeline’. Ever heard of Stella Nyamu? Ask Allan Namu, for she was a key informant in ensuring transactions go to the fictitious companies.

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