“Given the opportunity to be President, I would not allow my Deputy President to be humiliated the way I have been humiliated” ~ Dr. William Samoei Ruto.

Many KENYANS may have missed an important show as they were busy analyzing KCPE results. Allow us to REVISIT the interview.

On citizen Tv, a very shocking interview took place. The deputy PRESIDENT William Ruto was lamenting. His lamentations were candid.

He clearly lamented on his disappointment on how his boss UHURU KENYATTA has worked with him/handled him. He said UHURU had humiliated him.

“Given the opportunity to be President, I would not allow my Deputy President to be humiliated the way I have been humiliated” ~

We thought that DP knows that politicians in Kenya practice political polygamy. So, for him to start sulking so late in the day that there are other partners in his marriage with Uhuru is hypocritical. His entire career has been about cross-breeding from Kanu to ODM, to URP to Jubilee, etc. So what’s pinching his big toe now?

The DP acted victim during the interview, blaming everyone and everything for his problems with his boss. He forgot his words of “In 6 months’ time the Stadium in Wote will be complete, in another 6 months’ time Kamariny Stadium will be complete!”

He said and I quote..

“I asked the president to produce information showing what I had done in private and in public to disrespect him or to elevated myself beyond what my duties are and the president was very candid with me, he told me there is no such information. The director of intelligence was there and he also did not produce any information on the same,” he added.

Bwana Ruto Do you need the DCI to remind you that In 2013, a court found you guilty of grabbing 100 acres piece of land belonging to one Adrian Muteshi. You were ordered to return the land and also pay Muteshi ksh5m for trespassing on his land? Is this not info to show wrongdoing on your part?

Dp Ruto then went ahead and blamed the drunkenness of Jubilee leaders for failed promises. He said and I quote…

“I have tried all I could to see if we could work all this out in Jubilee…Unfortunately, those who call the shots are hardly sober. They appear on national TV drunk…That is the level of impunity”

The question that begs is, DP, If your character & integrity is unquestionable, you are an angel, but the rest in your Jubilee company are drunkards, why don’t you RESIGN from the system? Bible says bad company ruins good morals. Quit that bad company called Jubilee! History will judge you harshly if you tag along that bandwagon of drunkards.

To crown his interview, Ruto boasted.

“If Raila Odinga will not be my opponent then who will be?”.

The problem with Ruto is pride and overconfidence. The way he looks down on other leaders makes me sick. He forgets what Papa Atwoli told us. Uhuru is too young to retire.

DP is simply saying, that Uhuru, Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Weta, and Gideon Moi are nothing. To him, the only person that can compete with him is Raila.

He probably sponsored the interview to show Kenyans he is the victim while Kenyans already know his past. And come 2022 he will be judged by his past. He killed 1000s of Kikuyus in Rift Valley for power and the powerful Mt Kenya region has judged him already and found him lacking.

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