A warm cozy, room, with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Socks on and a stack of pillows near the work area. It may be done on the bed, the seat, the living room whichever place that evokes comfort, for comfort is key. Any sight of blood or sweat is despicable and unimaginable to them. For they don’t like to tire and move about. They don’t like to move about and the thought of just being around people is an irritant to their body especially their years. These are the individuals who claim they are revolutionists

Back in the day until now a revolution was considered a sacrificial undertaking where humanity came out in voice and in deed to defend their cause, to fight for what they know is best, they made placards, spoke and urged and convinced people to join them in the streets and support their causes. Great revolutionists were ready to sacrifice their lives, were ready to fight and indeed fought, were ready to be arrested even if it meant going it alone. From the likes of Che Guevera a major figure in the Cuba Revolution, to Martin Luther King who fought against racism in America revolutions were not a zone of comfort but moments of sacrifice, retaliation and retribution.

It demanded some sense of collegiality as they deemed unity in their work critical till they attain their cause and this was often reflected in the masses gathered and the progressive attainment of their goals. Even at our current moment in time we have seen the Arab Spring that has entangled countries of the Middle East and Northern Africa which has seen war and suffering as they spoke out and demanded change.

What would have happened if they sat back on their dear beds with phones and laptops to start tweeting and commenting on anything and everything they see go through social media. Pretty much nothing. This is the situation of people in Kenya who claim they are revolutionists in the comfort of their bedsitters, in the comfort of their warm and cozy homes who spend the better part of their day and night looking for quotable quotes and tweetable tweets. The revolutionists who cannot even raise their voice on anything. They label themselves as fighters through cartoon characters of past revolutionists on their profile pictures but cannot even stand the raging sun outside, cannot gather masses and most of all, find it down right ridiculous to carry placards, screaming and shouting to capture the attention of those they want. The farthest they can do is air their views and noise through paragraphs on social media sites away from the heat, the noise and especially away from the face of the police.

Their revolution is an open fallacy to gain clout and popularity and start making money online through following because at the end of the day they are only engaging in a selfish undertaking. There is no revolution here but a money making venture, no more no less.

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