Beyond reproach, uncouth, insolent and self-centred individuals. They lack respect, are deceitful and work towards sabotaging good while glorifying evil. They have become grand conmen and grandmasters in corruption be it in acquiring fictitious tenders, fraud and money laundering, open theft of public funds and a total elimination of human obstacles through planned killings.

These individuals care for nothing else but their pockets and their ambitions which must not be cutailed by anything or anyone otherwise any threat is squarely eliminated. Their presennce is embued with the aroma of evil.

But who are they? Who seeks to scare Kenyans and plunge the country into fear, chaos and calamity through their economic and political ambitions? These are William Ruto and his foot soldiers as this revelation chooses not to disgrace the title ‘Deputy President’ as there have been commendable ones before in the same positions and there will be many others later. These men have committed atrocities that have ranged from attempted economic sabotage, attempted political sabotage and even social with the attempted sparking of class wars in the country between those considered ‘rich’ and those considered ‘poor’ from an individual who falsely claims he wants peace in the country.

Listing them they include the likes of Rigathi Gaachagua who stole from Nyeri County as he brother slowly deteriorated and died of cancer, Farouk Kibet who is well vast with covering up tracing of Ruto in a number of gruesome murders, Mwangi Kiunjuri who instituted a well crafted maize scandal that led to the loss of billions meant for farmers, Rashid Echesa who is a political goon and has also been involved in a series of corruption scandals including the fake arms scandal that saw a Ruto aide Sgt Kenei murdered with Ruto playing the ‘I don’t know what happened’ game.

Oscar Sudi who is adversely mentioned in the Arror Kimwarer dams scandal that led to the loss of over SH21billion, Kimani Ngunjiri who learning from his master Ruto has been implicated in a trail of land fraud and even grabbed land from an elderly woman. Don Bpsco Gichana who is an expert in money laundering alongside Echesa and a gold racketeer in addition to being a conman, Zaheer Jhanda another serious money launderer alongside fraud who are key in hiding Ruto’s loot from public coffers amounting in billions by engaging in his fake gold business and Moses Kuria who has wiped the Gatundu South NGCDF belonging to his consttituents and distributed the tenders amongst his family members who have largely not delivered projects but promises with money pocketed.

These are the individuals that claim are leaders. Lost in their world of greed and loot with Ruto not seeing Kenyans but seeing vaults containing public funds and reserves and relishing the moment it will all be his. Havent’s you seen him even grab Sh100 million worth of land from an old man, Adrian Muteshi who eventually died? This is factual. We can only imagine the enomity of the stress this man had as he fought for what rightfully belonged to him. Evil evil and more evil. The stench is unbearable and no Kenyan can stand this level of ruthlessness.

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