William Ruto is an evil genius, he’s a dictator and all around surrounded by thugs and hard-boiled fans.

This was very clear from a top trending hashtag #KarenCirclesOfEvil, where angry Kenyans have strongly called out DP Ruto criminal associates.

Kenyans on Twitter, popularly known as KOT, have over the past decade built a reputation as bulldogs in their own capacity. Not only are they ferocious when mocked, but they are also sharp and fierce with their opinions, ensuring the voice of Kenyans is heard loud and clear.

From Kimwarer to Arror, to fake guns scandal, to Weston, to Muteshi land, to drugs, to murder, to money laundering in Tanzania to fake Gold scandal, the enraged KOT unmasked all the dirt in Ruto’s closet.

And it was obvious that the second in command is surrounded by the most dubious of persons accused of the worst crimes and yet he want to lead Kenya.

Ironically DP Ruto has carefully crafted an image of a clean-cut, staunch Christian. He is said to be a teetotaller, waking up at 4am daily to pray, and never misses a Sunday service, “despite his busy schedule”.

Ruto’s other public persona is that of a “hustler”. In interviews, he has spoken of his “ordinary” peasant upbringing of herding cows and selling chicken during the weekends and holidays to raise money for family needs.

But in recent years, stubborn questions regarding the source of his vast wealth refuse to go away and Kenyans online today have unmasked DP’s associates who have oiled his campaigns in the recent times.

One netizen noted that Ruto is not only notorious thief siphoning public resources but also a cold blood murderer. He murdered the likes of Jacob Juma, Meshack Yebei, John Kituyi among other very many innocent Kenyans in cold blood

Another indicated that William Ruto’s chemistry with rogue members in our society is unmatched. Ex governor Waititu a corrupt suspect is Ruto’s friend, disgraced Sonko an ex-convict and thief is Ruto’s friend. Obado murdered Sharon & also a thief is Ruto’s friend. Echesa involved fake arms deal is Ruto’s ally

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