A majority of Kenyans love the rural areas and have for years enjoyed its tranquility, the fresh environment free of noise but loathed one thing, having no access to electricity, no power to charge phones or even listen to the local radio that was at least reachable. This in most instances forced people to close business way earlier than usual as it was considered not safe to be outside when dark. Likewise, villages used to go completely dark even as early as 7 o’clock with a long night awaited ahead. The nights were just too dark.

Fortunately, when President Uhuru Kenyatta came in to power back in 2013, there was a major turnaround in the Energy sector as far as access to electricity is concerned. The President understanding the situation Kenyans were faced with, channeled his energies on attaining universal access to electricity. Initially, only 4.5 million Kenyan households had access to electricity and was a figure way below what is considered optimum level. However, this took a major turnaround after President Uhuru Kenyatta came into power in 2013 as this figure has witnessed a more than 50% growth in the figures which has seen approxinmately 8 million Kenyan households have access to electricity.

This has brought great development in the rural towns and villages including increasing more hours of businesses, improved security through lighting of streets, students are able to do their studies at night and thereby improving themselves. This has greatly accelerated the growth of small businessess and been one of the enablers in the implementation of devolution when it comes to economic growth and development of counties.

Under the Last Mile Connectivity project, Kenya has had a 116 per cent jump in electricity connection with 4.89 million households having access to electricity from 2.26 million in March 2013 and growing to the aforementioned 8 million Kenyan households thus depicting steady growth in lighting up the country.

Moreover, streets in our estates, feeder roads and informal settlements have had the areas lit up by street lights in what has enhanced security.

Basically, there has been a progressive move in electricity connection especially throughout the country that many Kenyans can attest to. This among other areas has demonstrated President Kenyatta’s commitment in improving key areas that facilitate growth in the country. As at 2018, 78% of Kenyans had access to electricity and the number has since gone up.

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