The writing is on the wall and no one can deny that Dr. William Ruto is a man against Kenya’s unity and prosperity. A man who has pegged on divisive politics, brooding chicks like Ndindi Nyoro to establish his agenda of divisive politics characterized by chaos and confusion. Strategically setting his foot soldiers to start causing disruption and disarray among Kenyans through meetings and gatherings such as what was witnessed on at a church in Murang’a where Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro became unruly at a church gathering.

Second in power to President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto is elusive of his mandate as an ‘assistant’ to the president. The presidency is a symbol of national unity and cohesion which is what the Deputy President should promote however this is not the case. As the man next to the President he is mandated to promote

It must be reiterated that Deputy President William Ruto thrives on divisive politics which is what he uses as his strategy. A manipulator by profession, William Ruto has been able to zone in on churches going himself as well as sending his foot soldiers time and time again to preach more of his propaganda to unnoticing Kenya. Guised behind the banner of ‘church fundraisers and development’, the Deputy president has created a lucrative source of money for the many church clergy from all denominations whatsoever to the extent that even atheists have even invited him to a fundraiser.

This in effect has brought division among the clergy with regards to dividing the ‘share of Profit’ in form of donations with even congregants turning against their leaders. Since re-election Ruto has been very strategic in visiting churches holding numerous fundraisers, many of which are usually in exchange of favours and even dictating what and who should visit and hold fundraisers in the church Isn’t it sinister that when nominated MP Maina Kamanda was at a church fundraiser at Gitui Catholic Church in …. Church in Murang’a, Kiharu MP stormed in the church to cause chaos and confusion in the church so that no one addresses the congregants and that as the area MP he is the one who dictates? Coined by a dictator of Ndindi Nyoro and the whole of Tangatanga are keen on causing divisions among Kenyans

From Kasarani to Kakamega, Murang’a to Kajiado, Nakuru to Elgeyo Marakwet Ruto has visited churches in these areas which are just a few of areas covered. Purporting to support Uhuru Kenyatta and development, he has been heard both supporting and debouncing the Building Bridges Initiative which he does so in areas he is out of favour but in his zone castigates every form of progress that has been reached by the handshake.

Interestingly, if Ruto was a man of unity he would not discriminate but visit all regions in the country, however he has toured six out of the seven constituencies in Murang’a about three times but has never set foot in Kangema solely because Kangema MP Muturi Kigano does not sing to Ruto’s tune. In fact he tabled a bill in Parliament that would regulate the church. This is bound to affect Ruto’s strategy as he takes advantage of the vulnerability of Kenyans in churches.

As Kenyans we must be aware and wary of these Ruto antics because the Tangatanga team and himself as the leaders is capitalizing on ensuring are firmly divided. He has never supported the handshake which irked him and a majority of his foot soldiers are associated in corruption scandals with all links leading to him. Kenya needs unity, Kenya needs progress and not division.