Hell literally broke loose for Deputy President Dr William Ruto as the fictitious Twitter hashtag #RutoMasterOfDivision trended the world of social media for the better of Tuesday.


The tweets invariably described Mr Ruto as ‘divisive’ ‘….hypocrite’, ‘opportunist’, ‘thief’  ‘murderer’ and one who thrives in violence.

While Kenyans acknowledge Ruto’s insatiable desire for State House and the fact that he has made his personal political ambitions a national emergency, his efforts to obliterate and wipe Mount Kenya leaders off the map shows dangerous signs of a petty dictator with a psychopathic manic obsession with the region.

They blasted Tangatanga brigade for spreading hate, division and tribalism


Angry Netizens pointed at his appetite to antagonize the President in his backyard as outright disregard of Government institutions and attempts to isolate Uhuru’s men in his own turf.

DP Ruto was described as a naïve and erratic strategist who is sustained by the belief that he made Uhuru Kenyatta and can unmake him if he so wishes


Experts have expressed fears that the unfolding war in Mt Kenya political arena will severely dent his bid to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

Nyeri Member of Parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu recently accused Deputy President William Ruto of being behind the current political wars in Mt Kenya.

“I personally hold William Ruto 100 percent responsible for the wars going on in Mt Kenya today. He has used his capacity to turn brother against brother, as he pursues a Presidency that’s over 3 years away. He has gotten us as leaders, and our people, fighting about him. And he’s happy to keep this fire burning,” Wambugu posted on his social media

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