That politics have no relation to morals, it’s true. It is also true that it has nothing to do with where you live but where your heart is.

The political analyst of our times will agree that Nairobi is DP Ruto’s hardest nut to crack in his quest to succeed Uhuru in 2022. Coincidentally, the death of Kibra MP has offered him a platform to showcase his prowess in political affairs, or lack of it as he woes the region.  His choice for Mariga was not inadvertent or an afterthought; this was planned way before Ken breathed his last.


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Deputy President William Ruto with Harambee Stars captain Victor Wanyama and his brother McDonald Mariga on 11th July 2019 Photo/Courtesy


His performance in Kibra race must be at its best. He is keen on amassing popularity in Nairobi County ahead of 2022 presidential elections He must make a statement hence he is sparing nothing to make sure he gets the seat, which technically has nothing to do with the influential footballer.

Killing two birds with one stone

The anticipated Kibra by-election has already kicked off with intense campaigns and funding as politicians pour millions into it.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, hat, shoes, outdoor and foodA source has disclosed that an intense campaign team and strategy initiated by the DP Ruto over Mariga’s candidature has been ensemble with millions of old currency set to be cleared through the race.

Early July, the Central Bank of Kenya had issued a September 30 deadline for all old currency notes in denominations of Sh 1000 to be exchanged.

The move was a surprise to many coming at a time where graft and embezzlement charges had been drafted against politicians.

“Let it be known across the country that the deadline to exchange the old Sh 1000 notes is September 30 and there will be no extensions,” said CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge during an event last month.

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Kibra parliamentary by-election ODM candidate Imran Okoth during campaigns in Kibra


The Kibra race has however come as a relief since millions have already been poured into the campaigns and while some politicians have already extended to door to door handouts.

The race is a plot to clear the existing stock through the intense campaign and those politicians involved in handouts and dishing the currencies in exchange of votes.

During one of a campaign stops, ODM’s Imran Okoth urged Kibra residents to accept all currencies of money but take the votes to him when time came.

He ideally complained and accused Mariga of wooing voters in the region with heavy envelopes of money yet he had nothing since he was from the humble beginning.

“I have seen people come here with big envelopes to give you. I have nothing and I am as humble as the rest of Kibra residents. Take the money and keep the votes for me when time comes,” said Imran Okoth.

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Late Kibra MP Ken Okoth Photo/ Courtesy

Since fundraising in churches while contributing huge sums of money was stopped, most politicians have been in a fix not certain where to disburse their notes.


Ideally, a news report on Sunday indicated that a renowned Nairobi politician was allegedly involved in a robbery scandal after duping a money dealer from Eastleigh into exchanging old notes to dollars before the sent broker robbed him off and disappeared with the money.

Kibra race has cleared the road and created an opportune time for politicians to exhaust their stock while ideally not raising eyebrows.

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