A benevolent dictator, seeking control through money and power stealing from the same people he serves. Blinding their eyes with loot from the coffers of the loot that ravages the country and hindering development.

Interestingly he strattles around the country preaching development with no records to show any completed projects. Only fancy launches and ground breaking ceremonies that leaves a people feeling lost and confused with anticipation of a non-existent development project. The man Dr. William Samoie Ruto, a Phd graduate who has learnt the art of strategically deceiving Kenyans blinding them with his antics.

He insists on giving donations in one region of the country despite the disharmony he is causing in his churches but leaves his own to lick their tongues. Wasn’t the other day that religious leaders came out demanding their share and crying foul over the manner in which they have been ‘neglected’. Feed his flock strategic in attaining his agenda. Just like the former President Moi he preaches unity but selectively favours different communities while leaving out others just because the people are not singing to his tune. Tribalism highly grew in the Moi area and Ruto is pegging his leadership on it as it allows for manipulation and control without a way for people to air their grievances.

A Ruto leadership translates to dictatorship just as it was in the Moi era. Given a go-ahead Ruto would desire to have a single- party state where he and he would have the last laugh issuing directions as he deems fit. Displaying his arrogance and fleecing all public institutions while destroying the economy as it happened in the Moi era.

Ngungi Wa Thiongo describes it as an era of sycophany and corruption, the former President Moi cultivated corruption in every sector of the country and created a system where money would flow directly to him. The energy sector, agriculture, treasury, mining, fisheries nothing was spared. Whistle-blowers and those out of his favour somehow disappeared, never to be heard. Other cases revolved around mysterious cases such the Robert Ouko case. These are just the known names but many have been tortured at Nyayo House with a case in point being the Kenneth Matiba case.

This is what Kenyans should expect under a Ruto presidency. Ruto has continually planted and still has his network of criminals who are willing and ready to divert the billions of shillings set aside for development for his own agenda. Kenya Power, Kenya Pipeline, National Cereals and Produce Board, Kerio Valley Development are some of the parastatals that have been mismanaged and money for development stolen. Moi stole and silenced threats, Ruto’s line of defence is the same stealing and silencing threats.

Ruto wants to destroy the democratic culture that has been cultivated over the years and that is why key under a Ruto leadership would be to silence the media. How is this possible? Subtle gestures such as his recent utterances and actions against the media tells it all. He has castigated them chasing them out of his presence, with his security men roughing them up like hooligans. As if it is not enough, Ruto has been categorical in clarifying to the media that he does not warrant their presence.

A suppressed media translates to a repressive regime with a Ruto leadership that will still Kenya to the last coin. It will be about creating Tangatanga billionaires and destitute Kenyans living in abject poverty Count it all waste under a Ruto leadership. Zero development, with rampant corruption!