A chauffeur driven Mercedes S500 with armed and robust body guards at my beck and call. Who would not want it? This is the question many Kenyans are asking and wondering in disbelief from a man mandated to practice servant-leadership. Maraga clearly stated that it is the Kenyan people he is serving but is now issuing threats of no service delivery if he is not upgraded and awarded due ‘status’ as he has observed in other countries, all at the expense of taxpayers’ money.

Another Sh14 million sleek Land cruiser V8 is always under Maraga’s beck and call, that comes with a customized number plate and a chauffeur with bodyguards. However, ‘the mighty man of the judiciary in his self-glorification says that is belittling his nature and status. “Where are the outriders?” he roars angrily. “Kenyans must know and acknowledge me when am in their midst!”

The mighty Maraga wants Kenyans to know when he is passing, with a siren and outriders cruising their way as they cruise around the Capital, the wider Kenya or even in his hometown Kisii as he inspects the numerous court constructions he envisions must be built despite the fact that Sh290 million has so far been wasted without any form of accountability to indicate where the money went.  It is no misfit that Maraga wanted to be a self-proclaimed President through the Judiciary coup after annulment of the presidential election but fate had it that Kenya would not plunge into such chaos and confusion.

The Maraga rant is unwarranted as all institutions and parastatals are facing budget cuts. All he is vouching for is the sympathy of Kenyans after coming to the realization that Kenyans have seen the ‘real face’ of the Judiciary. A judiciary full of corrupt judges and magistrates sitting under the Maraga umbrella as they are sure their ‘corrupt deals’ will not be curtailed. Moreover, coming from a non-performing Chief Justice issuing threats to Kenyans that there will be no service delivery is an act of irresponsibility.

Interestingly,  as Maraga claims that he was speaking for the Judiciary but the ‘I’s had it for the morning. In most occasions, Maraga live pressers are usually characterized by a parade of the Judicial Service Commission officials right behind him. However, Monday’s address showed a lone man fighting for his own selfish interests. Where was the Judicial Service Commission? Where was the corrupt Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu.

Kenyans let us not be fooled by a self-glorified individual. Respect is earned and never demanded. The chickens have come to roost and if Maraga cannot face the pressure and start performing by first dealing with corrupt judges, he must resign! But of course, we all heard it from the horse’s mouth, ‘I CANNOT RESIGN!’

Kenyans need service delivery and will not be manipulated by Maraga threats! Serve Kenyans and stop the empty rhetoric.