Treasury Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ukur Yattani on Tuesday dismissed claims made earlier by Chief Justice David Maraga on Monday alleging budget cuts by the Treasury derailed activities carried out by the Judiciary.

On the press briefing, Maraga revealed Judiciary may not be able to carry out activities come January 2020 as the funds allocated to them from the budget would already be depleted.

Expressing displeasure, the CJ questioned why in other countries the Judiciaries are allocated 2.5% of the total country’s budget whereas when it came to Kenya it was a different case.

Acting Treasury CS, Ukur Yattani, however, took a firm stand to disregard claims made by the CJ.

“I am shocked at the kind of public address by the Judiciary… I can confidently tell you we have not reduced the budget for the Judiciary or National assembly, ” he said during an interview with Citizen’s TV Waihiga Mwaura.

Yattani, however, admitted to instituting measures which would ensure continued funding of the activities of the Judiciary and National Assembly and the programmes based on the availability of the revenue.

In his opinion, “what he(Maraga) should have done is just book an appointment here we sit with him we take him through the journey on the performance of the revenue and see areas we can mitigate.”