Civil or uncivilized society?  David Ndii, Maina Kiai, Yash Pal Ghai, Khelef Khalifa, Al Amin and the many more young recruits. These are names associated with individuals who desire a state of anarchy. Proponents of doom whose lights have been slowly but surely dimming away.

From failure to failure, they have been unable to make the impasse on Kenyans to derail and dissuade the government’s agenda of unity and national development. Kenya is a peaceful country with a peaceful people, so what is it exactly that the so-called uncivilized society are after? Money and power apart from seeking attention from Kenyans.


Activists David Ndii, Muhuri chairman Khelef Khalifa, Maina Kiai and constitutional lawyer Yash Pal Ghai

With agendas fueled and funded by international partners who propagate for disorder in African countries, the civil society are fully aware that a resultant state of chaos and confusion is a big plus for them as more money is likely to be pumped in; wider pockets and bigger bellies. In the process that is how resources are easily exploited. Be it mineral resources or the people themselves.

The Coastal region, to the likes of the ‘Ndiis’ and ‘Kiais’  and now the new recruits the ‘Al Amins’ and the Hussein Khalids’, is considered a fertile and unexplored ground for protests as these ‘activists’ consider them as people of low intellectual capacity able to be used by the Civil Society to their own gain and advantage. These activists are least interested in the progress the government has brought to the region, creating employment and improving standards of living including improving security in the region as well as fighting off drug traffickers. They are out to bash and castigate landmark development achievements because it has built up on renewed patriotism by the residents from the Coast region.

Milestones and milestones have been made including opening up the region through infrastructure development that facilitates trade especially in a region that generates foreign exchange for the country. The government has made massive investment to improve the urban road network in the region. The country has seen road construction and upgrade in the coastal counties of Mombasa, Lamu and Tana River. A tour of the coastal city once you arrive in Mariakani via the Standard Gauge Railway is just a tip of the iceberg on the amount of road infrastructure implemented by the government.

The Dongo-Kundu Bypass which connects Mombasa to the South Coast is just one among the many mega projects meant to benefit the region. This was recently opened by President Uhuru Kenyatta. Business has been boosted immensely and residents as well as tourists do not have to grapple with dilapidated roads that comes with a myriad of expenses behind it.

No one can deny that an improved rail and road system is key in the development of any region. Ask the true Mombasa residents and not the hired goons and actors hired and facilitated by the so-called ‘Civil society’. The truth must be known and understood by the residents of the Coastal region and Kenyans as a whole. SGR protests are a ploy to bring anarchy in the region. The civil society are after nothing but chaos, chaos and more chaos! Kenyans be warned…