Kenyans on twitter today were an angry lot with Cabinet Secretaries who seemed to have slept on their jobs as others focused on 2022 succession politics.

In a hashtag #FireTheseCSs that was trending for the better part of Wednesday, Kenyans demonstrated how the CSs have neglected their ministries sabotaging Government’s development agenda.

A group of netizens who seemed to be well equipped with the facts noted that President Uhuru Kenyatta appeared to be surrounded by only a few performing CSs while the rest are either covertly entangled in 2022 succession battles or corruption scandals and court cases.


In July this year President Uhuru lost one of his most trusted Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich and Principal Secretary Kamau Thugge to the graft war. Rotich is the first sitting Cabinet Secretary to be arrested on alleged corruption.

Through #firetheseCSs, netizens created a shortlist of Cabinet Secretaries who should be sent packing immediately for letting the country down by spreading toxicity in their dockets.

Top on the list was Health CS Sicily Kariuki, and CS Mwangi Kiunjuri who are not new to KOT backlash. According to concerned citizens, Kariuki is solely to blame for the deplorable state of health care in the country, with facilities such as referral hospitals rotting away due to negligence and lack of resources.

Kiunjuri carries the burden of frequent food shortages and contaminated food that is killing Kenyans faster than Ebola.

Several comments were picked;