Millions and millions of Kenyans work round the clock to earn a living for a decent life. Millions and millions of Kenyans live a hard-pressed life but the good thing is Wanjiku has learnt the art of optimism. Wanjiku does everything they know to provide for their families, get decent education, have a good life. Wanjiku duly and dutifully pays her taxes because she never wants to be on the other side of the law. But Wanjiku is feeling dejected because of the inadequacy of Kenyan leaders.

Kenyans voted, a majority did if not all and this was to elect leaders who would serve us as mandated by the law. From the President down right to the junior leaders, Kenyans expect a working nation with working leaders and not warring leaders solely focused on 2022 politics and appointed leaders such as Cabinet Secretaries chasing the paper through corrupt deals as they fatten up in their palatial offices and homes.

The country has a constitution and that constitution has defined the roles of our leaders but seems majority are in their own world. Every job has a job description with duties and responsibilities but our leaders are doing Kenyans a disservice and Wanjiku is totally exhausted with the crop of leaders fleecing our country, feeding us with poison, punishing our pockets because of their mistakes and doing nothing as Kenyans feel the heat from the high cost of living. Wanjiku has a message for you…

Wanjiku wants working and performing leaders and not governors who are always partying and engaging in unmentionable behaviours – our dear Governors Hassan Joho and Mike Sonko have shown us what living the ‘party life’ is all about, as their counties rot in filth. Kenyans have seen enough bickering of County Assemblies from different parts of the country with irate MCAs whose main work is to fight and embezzle county funds. Governors have turned out to be the main corruption suspects with a number of them being charged in court; Samburu Governor Moses Lenolkulal,  Kiambu Governor – Ferdinand Waititu, Homabay Governor – Cyprian Awiti, Migori Governor Okoth Obado, Nairobi governor- Mike Sonko as the list goes on and on. A shameful lot of leaders we have.

Wanjiku is angry with Cabinet Secretaries who ravage ‘Ministry’ billions and are thereby urging the President to perform his duties by first sacking these CSs as they have done enough havoc to our economy. The high cost of living has bludgeoned Wanjiku to live a destitute life full of despair with the ilk of Mwangi Kiunjuri, a man characterized by scandal after scandal, finally ensuring Kenyans serve aflatoxin in their meals. The man who loves food imports is now killing the local farmers source of income and now destroying the health of Kenyans, just because he is a major beneficiary of importation of fake rice, mercury laced sugar, maize flour in aflatoxin among other food imports.

Every Cabinet Secretary has their fair share of corrupt dealings and blunders. Sadly, Wanjiku has come to know Cabinet Secretaries with their respective scandals with the likes of Mwangi Kiunjuri milking farmers dry and now the poisonous leader, Sicily Kariuki sniffing the Health sector, Charles Keter the electricity inflator, Simon Chelugui and the illegal water connections, Amina Mohammed  and the Football Kenya Federation scandal and the list goes on and on. The Cabinet Secretary for Transport James Macharia also treats the transport ministry as his personal toy yard. This man James Macharia has over Sh100 billion of stalled projects on his wait list and the list keeps getting longer. He is a man who minces his words which are full of empty promises. More deadly accidents are killing Kenyans, city roads are in a pathetic condition, he has never implemented the 45-road safety enforcement and he even covered up a one Captain Martyne Lunani that involved Sh442,000 by the director of Aircraft Accident Investigation Department.

Enough has been said about MPs and their greed and we no longer know how sanity will be brought back in the National Assembly. They have increased their perks to the rooftop with no care in the world. There is no crop of elected leaders who have their act right in this country. What happened to integrity as a leader? Even the government communications team seems to have lost it following their frequent blunders of misinformation and their nonreactive nature leaving Kenyans to fill in the puzzle as far as disasters are concerned. The ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru even pointed out that government communication officers need to undergo training on issues to do with change. Not that he is a saint but interestingly that is his area showing the sense of disconnect he has with his Minstry.

All these issues are directly affecting Wanjiku and making life more and more unbearable. Kenyans can be and have been patient for a while but seems our leaders are hellbent on wrecking havoc to the Nation and living on the motto of ‘It is our time to eat’. Kenyans are watching and reviewing their mistakes on the choice of leaders they made. Too many wrongs never make a right, our leaders must stop living in oblivion and carry out their responsibilities as the law stipulates.