It has been weeks full of sad news, dull economic times, political theatrics and now the floods. However, Kenyans especially netizens,  have always found ways to lighten the moods.

A female pastor who is also a pastor’s wife in Deliverance Church of Kenya has excited Kenyans after her sermon in regards to sex in marriage went viral.

In the sermon titled ‘Godly woman Godly marriage,’ the pastor advises married couples to spice things up in their sex life in order to kill boredom and to save their marriages.

The pastor insists that sex is a very important aspect of every marriage and revealed that it is indeed a unique game that was designed by God.


“Sex is the only game that God created, all the others are man-made,” she said

Unlike other games like football and volleyball, the pastor believes that sex is one of the games that the married can engage in at any time and almost everywhere.

“Game ya God inastahili kufanywa wakati wowote. Kama kuna kitu inatufanya tuwe kitu kimoja na pastor ni sex. Us we can have sex anywhere garini twa twa kitchen twa twa… everywhere!!” she added

Her sermon has sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans who are now curious to know where her church is located so that they may join her fellowship services.

Here is the video;