Kenyans have used social media platform to condemn 2007 election violence saying that similar evil should not be witnessed in the country again.

In what appears to be a ‘one voice initiative’, Kenyans tweeted under #2007NeverAgain.

In the last few weeks, there has been anxiety as Kenyans await the BBI report which will finally be presented today, 26th November to President Uhuru together with Raila Odinga.

The delay to release the Building Bridges Initiative [BBI] report had heightened the level of anxiety and speculations surrounding its contents. The DP and his brigade would come out gun blazing and allege that the report was designed to push the political agenda of the opposition leader Raila Odinga and eventually scuttle the DP’s 2022 presidential ambitions.

Contrary to the impression created by Ruto allies, the mandate of BBI was broader. Henceforth the report is supposed to come up with a raft of other recommendations. The major issues touch on how to reduce the size of government and create one that our economy can sustain, inclusivity and winner takes all.

Kenyans on Twitter have gone on to condemn citizens being used for leader’s political gains some posing memories of the post-election violence that happened in 2007.

Below are some of the posts;